Surroundings and activities

Surroundings and activities

Friesland is known for its versatile landscape . Besides the many waters that characterizes the province, there are beautiful forests, open plains and charming villages. We have mapped out all the hiking routes for you. Thus, you do not have to miss anything when you’re in Friesland! Do you like to make a lot of mileage? Besides the 5 kilometer routes we also have routes of 16 and even 40 kilometers. You can choose to go through the woods, along the water or walking from village to village, but also from city to wad is a route where you really get to know Friesland. Have you always wanted to explore nature park Alde Feanen for instance with its many birds and variety of trees and plants? Or do you prefer the quaint town of Dokkum? With over 50 hiking trails through Friesland you can really choose a route that suits you.

Discover sporty Friesland? You can experience the various bike routes in the province of Friesland. You prefer to bike 40 kilometer one day and 100 the other? Rather one day along the coast and the other by the Frisian villages? Would you like to see some of northern and southern parts of Friesland? With the many different routes you have plenty of choices of location, distance and environment! It’s never boring to cycle through Friesland. The province has much to offer, for young and old. You prefer to cycle through Friesland for a number of consecutive days? No problem, with the many hotels and campsites along the bike trails you can easily add a few day!

Discover Terherne

Terherne is actually an island in the Frisian lakes. It's situated east of the Sneekermeer and west of the Terkapelster Poelen.   The many ferries make it more attractive for cyclists to travel around the lakes. The beautiful aqueducts make it easy to navigate by boat without too many bridges throughout the Frisian Lakes region. The Frisian towns are worth a visit with its picturesque historic streets and canals. But there is much to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of  Friesland.

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