Who are we?

We are Gertan & Annelies Tissink.  We moved here in 2008 to this beautiful place on the water front.  A long time ago there used to be cows in the stables, but this farm was converted into a holiday home in 1964 already and since then it has been a sailing school and group accommodation with a restaurant.  When we moved in, the place had recently been converted into a luxury B&B. For six years we continued to manage the B&B, but since 2015 we just rent out the apartements and cottages on a self catering basis.  This gives us more time to enjoy watersports in the weekends; the main reason to come to Friesland to live in a house in the middle of the Frisian Lake District.  We enjoy sharing all this with our guests during their well deserved holidays.

hobby = work

Living here, we both get the chance to turn our hobbies into a trade; Gertjan has a passion for boats and Annelies has always been busy with holiday rentals, first in France and now here.  The quiet and peacefull surroundings suit us very well, especially since we both love the outdoor. And live in a village with so many collegues in watersports related businesses and with so many restaurants is a real treat.


We are not native Frisians.  We come from different parts of the Netherlands, and Friesland has  been our holiday destination for many years.  We lived in Dubai for 13 years and during that time we had a small house in Sloten to spend the long summerholidays with the children. Gertjan had a Consultancy in Naval Architecture in Dubai and our children Fieke en Rutger are born there.  We moved to Gorssel, in the east of the Netherlands when they had to go to secondary school, but as soon as they left home to go to university, we took our chance and moved to Friesland.   Gertjan still runs the consultancy from here and will take any opportunity to sail out in one of the boats.  We both agree it was the best move we ever made.


Welcome in d'Oude Herbergh